Friday, June 5, 2009

God's Will in our Life

I am continually struggling with the question of knowing whether or not what I do is in God's will for me. How can I tell if what I want is what God desires; and how can I know if what I am seeking is supported by God for me or is in opposition to His desires for me?

Ray Pritchard of
Keep Believing Ministries
address this issue in this blog entry from earlier today entitled

Ray Pritchard » 25 Affirmations About God’s Will » June 5, 2009
He posted this entry as a follow-up to his appearance earlier in the day on American Family Radio's "Christian Life
Today" which airs live from 2 pm to
3 pm Eastern.

He introduces the entry as follows:

During the Friday edition of “Christian Life Today” on American Family Radio, we talked
about what it means to know and do God’s will. It’s been my experience that most
Christians are sincere and truly want to do God’s will if only they could figure
out what it is. And most people realize there is no easy answer to the question,
“What does God want me to do?”
Sometimes we get tripped up because we want something God never promised. We want
a detailed plan that tells us what to do in every situation. And of answering every
question we might have, God says, “Trust me one step at a time.” Listed in no particular
order, here are 25 affirmations that may help you sort things out.Today"

What comforted me, once reviewing the list, is that I have been practicing a number of these steps as a part of my Walk. Now, I have a more formalized check list to return to thanks to the radio show spawning the publishing of the list.

Thanks Pastor Ray, and I look forward to your hosting the show once again the week of June 15.

The audio link I have bookmarked for AFR Talk is this:

This link will record nicely in Replay Av for listening at a more convenient time.

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